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Why should women work out?

Women juggle a number of roles in everyday life which can no doubt be really demanding. Add to that, the constant pressure to look good and to stay fit whether it is at the workplace or at a party because no woman wants to be told that she has cellulite or that she has put on weight. What’s interesting to note is that, both men and women workout for different reasons and men tend to stick to their routines more faithfully because of their competitive nature. So why should women workout in the first place?

The most important aspect about any workout is the number of health benefits it gives a woman. Even going for a walk can help immensely because it de-stresses the body naturally. A regular workout routine is also proven to increase one’s life expectancy and boost overall health. It also improves one’s immunity, increases energy levels and enhances self confidence as well. Regular physical activity also helps to reduce the risk of cancer, heart diseases and osteoporosis which is very common among women. Over the years, infertility among women has been on the rise and one of the reasons attributed to it is the fast paced life and lack of exercise which is again very common across age-groups. Adopting a healthy lifestyle ensures that such serious problems do not impact one’s happiness.

Women also tend to have more fat stored in their bodies as compared to men and develop muscles at a slower rate. That’s another reason why a workout regime that focuses on strengthening the entire body is often recommended for women looking to lose weight faster. BTC’s Taekwondo classes give you a workout that not only helps in shaping up your body but which also enhances flexibility and helps you become stronger as well. Not to forget, it also teaches you a set of valuable self-defence techniques which could even save your life. Now, who said that workouts were boring?