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Fitness Training

If you had to assess your fitness on a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself? While most of us would love to be naturally slim and fit, we often find that we have to work out really hard to keep the kilos off. If you flip through a magazine, you’re likely to come across advertisements which claim that they can help you lose 5 to 10 kilos in just one month. Don’t be fooled!
Weight loss and fitness should be a gradual process and the safest way to ensure that your health is in good hands is by joining a fitness training centre like BTC in Brisbane. Whether you sign up for classes because you want to get fit or to learn new skills, we have it all.

 Our Range of Classes

There are so many ways to get fit, you don’t have to join a boring gym or pound the pavement just to get back in shape. Why not try something new and give one of these classes a shot?

  1. BJJ- a grappling & wrestling based martial art, is for those who have it in them to handle high intensity sessions and who want to build up some serious stamina. All the hardcore martial arts moves and techniques will melt away your fat and give you a fab looking body instead. Plus, you get all the other benefits that come with learning a martial art such as enhanced concentration and a sharper mind. Fitness training doesn’t get any better than this!
  2. Taekwondo- It’s not for nothing that Taekwondo has become such a popular sport in Brisbane- that’s just how interesting and challenging it is. Learning Taekwondo is a great way to fitness & fun, plus you also get the added advantage of learning self-defence skills.
  3. Pilates- If you aren’t into fitness training classes that make you work up a sweat, then Pilates is perfect for you. These classes are a gentle reminder that a workout session needs to focus on the right areas with each move done correctly. Within just a few weeks, you’ll start to get a body that’s much more toned and flexible. Pilates can also be practised by adults of any age group.

When you sign up for fitness training classes in Brisbane, you also get access to Queensland’s largest facility of its kind. There are separate classes held for beginners and for students with prior experience, so you don’t have to worry about being in a fitness training session that’s too advanced for you. Give us a call today and we’ll even arrange an Introductory class just for you!