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Taekwondo – More than Fitness – a Skill that could save your Life Looking for new ways to get in shape without spending endless hours in the gym? Reached a plateau and want to step up to a new level of fitness? Are you an experienced Taekwondo practitioner looking to broaden your skills? Would you feel better if your children learnt self-defence skills? Or perhaps you have the feeling your teenage son or daughter could benefit from the discipline that comes with learning a martial art? BTC’s Children and Adults Taekwondo classes are your answer. Taught by Queensland’s top instructors in our state-of-the-art facilities, BTC’s Taekwondo classes cleverly incorporate other types of martial arts like Hapkido, kick boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to its centuries-old traditional style. Children, young, and young at heart will enjoy this modern form of Taekwondo and all the benefits that come with this all over body workout! Taekwondo will keep you and your family in top shape and introduce children and adults to a welcoming community of energetic and fun-loving martial arts enthusiasts.   Never tried it before? Worried about safety? Don’t be. Our oldest adult Taekwondo member didn’t start learning until he was 72 years young! The Tae Kwon Do offered at BTC is a form of street practical self-defence that is accessible to anyone, even those who have not had a chance to focus on their fitness lately or have never practiced martial arts before. At BTC you’ll be guided by Queensland’s most experienced and qualified instructors. They will identify your level and needs and match you to a suitable class where you will be progressively introduced to this martial art. Plus, our studios are safety matted and air-conditioned for your safety and comfort. So, regardless of your fitness level, background, age or gender, you are welcome to attend any of BTC’s over 90 weekly martial art classes, including:

  • Taekwondo for 3 year olds
  • Taekwondo for 4-6 year olds
  • Taekwondo for 7 to 12 year olds
  • Taekwondo for Teenagers
  • Taekwondo for Beginner Adults
  • Taekwondo for Experienced Adults
  • Private Taekwondo training for adults

Led by 9th Dan Grandmaster Chris, BTC’s Taekwondo instructors will inspire, encourage and challenge you, whether you are new to this form of martial art or you are on your way to achieving your Black Belt!   Enjoy access to BTC’s gym Can’t give up your gym routine altogether? Of course not! At BTC you’ll be able to combine your Taekwondo sessions with a good workout, in our very well-appointed gym. Enjoy our full range of cardio equipment and weights before or after your martial arts class, or while waiting for your child and watch them have fun with their friends and instructors. The perfect workout for the whole family!   Reasons to Join

  • Learn the art of practical and effective self-defence
  • Develop fitness, strength and flexibility
  • Improve your stress relief capacity
  • Improve self-belief and personal confidence
  • Learn from Queensland’s most experienced and qualified instructors
  • Meet our friendly and welcoming community of Taekwondo enthusiasts
  • Get fit and lose weight in classes that match fitness level and goals,
  • Introductory beginners program to ease students into their new class
  • Safe and comfortable environment
  • Gym access for adult members and both parents of enrolled children
  • Coffee and Wi-Fi throughout


“Getting back into a fitness regime was difficult, but after 6 weeks or so I saw some very welcome improvements both mentally and physically. Work is no longer the physical drain that it once was, and I even seem to get sick less often. The instructors are professional and thorough, yet friendly which I find encourages you to perform to your individual best. The other students have also made me feel most welcome. BTC’s blend of Taekwondo, various other arts, and self defence keeps things interesting. I would recommend BTC to anyone wanting to improve not just their physical fitness but their lifestyle as well.” – Michael   “Taekwondo has provided a strong exercise discipline – improving my mind, body and spirit.” – Steven   “Since coming to BTC my children have had so much fun. They have come out of their shell.” – Letisha   “Luke really enjoys coming, his concentration and focus as well as his ability to pay attention and listen have improved amazingly. I find it is great for his confidence too.” – Kerry