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Survival Jujitsu – the Ultimate Israeli Martial Arts


Survival Jujitsu is considered to be one of the world’s leading modern martial arts. It’s also a practical approach to your personal protection and safety.


Truly Unique Self Defence

Brisbane Taekwondo Centre offers Survival Jujitsu as a quality self defence and integrated martial arts system that will mould your character. It has often be called “bewareness”, or a way to stay alive in self defence using your life choices, good or bad, as opportunities for growth.

It’s also known as Street MMA and considered the original MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) for the streets, based on its evolution from Judo, Karate, military self defence systems, BJJ and Kapap since the 1960s.

The four core skills you learn are:

  1. Striking
  2. Wrestling
  3. Clinchwork
  4. Groundwork

Survival Jujitsu covers all these ranges while incorporating realistic self defence concepts such as weapons application and defence, plus the skill of managing multiple attackers. It’s an excellent cross training for other martial arts dealing with weaponry.

If you are looking for a unique fighting style, this could be your practice. Its popularity stems from a no-nonsense approach while embodying the core martial art values of respect, integrity and honour.


Our Survival Jujitsu Trainers

The Survival Jujitsu trainers at Brisbane Taekwondo Centre have many years of experience to guide you through this practice.

There are no shortcuts to becoming a black belt and qualified trainer in Survival Jujitsu. You’ll learn first-hand from Survival Jujitsu teachers and competitors who are part of a unique global family.


Survival Jujitsu for Men, Women and Youths

We teach young and old, strong and weak, how to protect themselves and survive any situation. BTC has students from the age of 15 to 55, male and female. You’ll fit right in.

No prior experience in martial arts or fitness is required to start. Come and try a class today.

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