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Karate Training

Karate Training

Martial arts for Life

Although it may seem ironic, the movies have undoubtedly helped to increase the public’s interest in karate training and in martial arts on the whole. Today, many people express a desire to learn a martial art because of the ‘cool’ techniques or for self-defence. It’s easy to become mesmerised watching Jackie Chan perform a range of fast ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moves or to wonder how he leaps from tall buildings without a single scratch, but what’s important to remember is that there is so much more to karate training & martial arts.

In the earlier days, martial arts like karate weren’t just practised for the purpose of self-defence. It was believed that learning a martial art would have a big impact on many other aspects of life itself, helping to calm and discipline the mind. In other words, martial arts was itself a way of life. At BTC, our martial arts training classes pay homage to the great history behind each of these martial arts. As a student, what you get is professional martial arts training in a modern setting.

Gift yourself these benefits

You don’t have to be of a ‘certain age’ to learn a martial art and to benefit from its moves. You can be as young as 4 years old or even be a 60 year old grandpa! Martial arts training is not just about fighting, it’s also about developing overall cardiovascular fitness and building strong muscles. In fact, many students tell us that they feel different and refreshed within just a few training sessions. You’ll also:

  1. Get fitter.
  2. Build up more stamina.
  3. Be able to handle stress better.
  4. Learn self-defence skills.
  5. Develop more flexibility.
  6. Feel mentally rejuvenated!


BTC offers everything that a student of karate training & martial arts looks for:

  1. Great training centre with all the facilities.
  2. Instructors with years of teaching experience.
  3. Personal and group training sessions.
  4. Classes for adults and children.
  5. Training in Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Pilates & Self-defence!

We’ll ensure that you have fun in each session while learning plenty of new moves and kicks. Eager to see what a martial arts training class looks like? Visit our centre for an Introductory session just for you!


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