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Introductory Taekwondo Program for Adults



What do you know about Taekwondo? Lots of bruises, bowing and boring repetition? Well think again! BTC Taekwondo is a unique and fun approach to Learning Martial Arts. While retaining traditional values, BTC has a more modern style of teaching and training.

When you’re part of BTC, you’re also part of Brisbane’s largest martial arts, health, and relaxation centre with fully air conditioned and matted training halls for your safety, mirrors for accelerated learning, and enough equipment for every member of every class.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to get in shape, to improve your flexibility, learn self defence, re-energise, or de-stress and balance your mind and body, BTC Taekwondo has something very special and unique to offer you. Our instructors passion and enthusiasm is truly contagious, and combined with their skill, knowledge and experience makes our classes truly unique.

BTC offers separate classes for different age levels so you’ll be training with other adults (not stuck with kids!) as well as separate classes for different experience levels, including beginner specific classes, so that everyone has fun, whilst being challenged to strive for their best.



Kick Start Introductory Program

At BTC, we really look after you right from the start. To ensure you have the best kick start into Taekwondo possible, we have a very special introductory program that includes a private lesson so you can try BTC in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere at your own pace, a uniform so you’ll feel part of the action right from the start, a personal assessment and much more.

I tried Taekwondo at a local church hall, and it was definitely sink or swim! I was thrown in down the back and had to try and follow along with black belts and people who had been doing it for years, not great when you’re unfit and uncoordinated like me! I tried BTC, the instructors looked after me and I could go at my own pace, I had fun, and I can see that I’ll definitely get fit. – Bill


During the lesson you will learn a variety of Taekwondo skills to give you a good idea of what Taekwondo is really like. At the same time, we also make time to sit down with you to work out the best classes for you based on your goals, confidence, attitude, balance, and coordination and answer any questions that you may have.

All BTC instructors undertake special training to help you achieve their goals in a fun, safe way. No prior fitness, flexibility, or experience is needed. Do something for yourself today, and book in for a fun first class in our fully air conditioned centre in Brisbane – Ph 3177 4550, or complete our form below and we’ll call you to arrange a class at a suitable time.

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