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Corporate Pilates in Brisbane

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Reward them with Pilates

Your team works hard for you. Many of them are probably feeling the consequences of spending such long hours sitting at a desk and experiencing a variety of symptoms that include sore necks, spinal problems, stress, etc..

Don’t you think a Pilates session will do wonders for their overall sense of wellbeing and their productivity levels?

BTC offers large corporations, government and SME’s the opportunity to provide their hard-working employees unique, fun and practical Pilates workshops, seminars, and training that give results. Through Pilates, employees (as well as employers who want to participate in the class) will learn correct alignment and centring and will improve their concentration, control, precision, breathing, and flowing movement to establish a perfect working body from the inside out.


BTC’s Corporate Pilates packages

We offer a range of corporate Pilates classes that can be easily customised to suit your needs in the following formats:

✓     Onsite classes.  Our friendly and experienced team of Pilates instructors come to you and conduct Pilates classes for your staff each week. These may be during lunch hours, after work, or at any other suitable time and can run from 6 weeks to year round.

✓     Corporate memberships. Your staff can join our classes in BTC’s world-class facilities by applying for a corporate membership.

✓     BTC participation in your event. We can also participate in any type of program or workshop that you might be running, i.e. a short break for your employees as part of a greater 1 or 2 day seminar.

Our team of professional instructors can tailor all of our programs to suit your needs and ensure a fun and informative experience for you and your guests.


Pilate’s classes in your premises or in ours – your choice

Do you prefer your Pilates classes to be held in our fully air-conditioned and safety matted halls? Great.

Do you want us to travel to your premises or event venue?

Not a problem. Whichever way, you will be reaping the rewards of having a more relaxed, healthier workforce.

Whether you have a young employee base or you lead an older team, reward them with the many benefits of a Pilates session now.

Find out more today.


Reasons to Join

  • Professional, highly qualified and experienced Pilates instructors,
  • Build core strength and tone your tummy,
  • Stretch out and tone up,
  • Build a strong core
  • Develop a better health
  • Injury rehab, sore necks and backs.
  • Corporate programs customised to suit your needs
  • We come to you
  • State-of-the art facility unlike any other in Queensland
  • Safety matted and air conditioned full-time Pilates halls
  • Free coffee and Wi-Fi throughout


“Since starting Pilates approximately 5 weeks ago I have more strength, not only in my core stomach muscles, but I also my upper body and legs. This excellent thing about this is have I have strength without the bulking muscles I would have got if I were doing large weights.

It makes me feel energised and my posture is also benefiting from Pilates. I am sitting better at work and because of this I am not experiencing back soreness from not sitting properly at work all day. And of course my flexibility is increasing every lesson, it is a great feeling when I can move to the next level in certain exercises, you can really see improvements straight in your strength and flexibility within the first few lessons”

– Shannon Rollinson