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Self defence – Lutwyche, Karen

I have had membership at various gyms on and off my whole life. I love to exercise and look after myself and I always eat well. My problem is I get bored at the gym and that’s when I usually stop for a year or so. I was considering getting back into a gym but decided to give self defence and martial arts a go. What a revelation! BTC has renewed my passion for exercise and I am always looking forward to my next class.

Self defense – Toowong, Sally

Since starting at BTC I have noticed big differences in my flexibility, strength and endurance. Before starting self defense and taekwondo I would get tired all the time. I can now go a lot longer and further. I have also noticed a difference in my discipline.

Karate – Alderley, Nick

BTC has a really great atmosphere. The facilities are the best I’ve seen in a martial arts centre. The training itself is great.


Tae kwon do – Spring Hill, John

I have had a sedentary lifestyle since my high school years and although I’m not overweight my health and fitness has been poor and my energy levels are always low. My friends say I put the slug into sluggish! I like to watch sport but that’s about as close as I normally get to it. I don’t know what came over me but I decided in a moment of madness that Taekwondo might be good for me. I peeled myself of the couch the night of my trial and was having second thoughts but decided to bite the bullet and go. I am so glad I did. I am a different person now. I wake up earlier feeling better than when I used to sleep in. I sometimes even catch myself practising my patterns in my head. I am a changed man and I never want to be the way I was before again.

Taekwondo – Grange, Steven

Taekwondo has provided a strong exercise discipline – improving my mind, body and spirit.

Martial arts – Enoggera, Michael

Getting back into a fitness regime was difficult, but after 6 weeks or so I saw some very welcome improvements both mentally and physically. Work is no longer the physical drain that it once was, and I even seem to get sick less often. The instructors are professional and thorough, yet friendly which I find encourages you to perform to your individual best. The other students have also made me feel most welcome. BTC’s blend of Taekwondo, various other arts, and self defence keeps things interesting. I would recommend BTC to anyone wanting to improve not just their physical fitness but their life style as well.

Natural health therapies – Paddington

Everyone has noticed my son’s behaviour changes after just two sessions with Peter. My son was diagnosed with ADHD and we have taken him to everyone for help and advice with very little lasting success up until now. It was only that Adam told me to do it that I had a session and am so glad that I did. For the first time in years I have hope for him again. Love the combination of Taekwondo and emotional intelligence kinesiology. I think this is going to be really great for the club. Thanks again and looking forward to this weeks treatment with Peter.

Personal development kinesiology – Brisbane

Happiness is a powerful emotion. After seeing Peter I can honestly say I am happier than I have been in an extremely long time 🙂 At first I wasn’t sure what to expect, however in hindsight I can easily say my expectations were exceeded. Words can’t describe how wonderful I feel since seeing Peter; I feel fantastic. The emotional improvements I have made have been incredible, not to mention the benefits my back & joints are experiencing. I feel uninhibited, calmer, less stress and more at ease with myself than I thought possible, did I mention I was happy?

Peter provides a personalised & professional service in a relaxed environment, I am sincerely grateful to BTC for the introduction. I have always believed the power to leading an amazing life lies within, Peter is helping me discover & develop the skills I need to live mine. I am & will be eternally indebted.

Mark, Kinesiology Brisbane

I’d been working hard to be world number one for many years, and in the top 100 for just as long. No matter how hard I worked in the water or at the gym, I couldn’t quite break through to the finals, the top ten, and my ultimate goal of world number one and a world record. That was until I met Peter. I haven’t quite cracked number one yet, but I’m well on my way as a top ten ranked big wave surfer (in the world), and a world record holder for the biggest wave ever surfed in early 2007. I know with Peter’s support and my hard work that number one is just around the corner. Don’t think about seeing Peter, just do it, you won’t regret it!


I don’t feel as tired as I did before I commenced Pilates at BTC. I feel more toned and have much better coordination and flexibility – I feel 10 years younger!


BTC has a really great atmosphere. The facilities are the best I’ve seen in a martial arts centre. The training itself is great.


Since coming to BTC my children have had so much fun. They have come out of their shell.