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Self Defence Martial Arts

The Importance of Self defence

How good are your reflex movements? For instance, if you were about to be robbed at gun-point, how would you react? Would you:-

  1. Stand in one spot and do nothing?
  2. Scream for help and risk getting injured?
  3. Or wait for the right moment to strike the assailant?

As you read this, you’re probably confident that you can take down an assailant by yourself. It’s one thing to imagine such a scenario and it’s another thing to actuallybe in such a circumstance.  A theft, rape or other unpleasant instances happen in just a few seconds. By the time, you realise you’re in danger, it’s often too late. Statistics shows that rape victims are usually between 16 – 24 years of age. Don’t let such a horrible incident ruin your life. Choose to defend yourself and to fight back.
At BTC, we have special self-defence martial arts classes that teach you how to stand your ground. Read on to find out more.

Self-defence is for everyone

What should the right self-defence class teach you? Ideally, you should learn:

  1. How to scent trouble (before it happens).
  2. How to stay mentally alert.
  3. How to always be prepared.
  4. Simple techniques that can be used anywhere.
  5. Ground & standing defence moves.
  6. How to turn everyday objects into weapons.
  7. How to stay safe and avoid getting injured.
  8. How to stay confident.

BTC’s self-defence martial arts classes teach you the best techniques from a number of martial arts forms like Taekwondo, Karate & Jiu-Jitsu. So you get a class that teaches you so many kicks, punches and other techniques that can come in handy anywhere. Besides the satisfaction of knowing that you can defend yourself and your loved ones, these moves will also help you get fitter and tone up your body as well.

Why BTC’s self-defence martial arts classes

Our instructors have substantial training in different martial art forms and give you a class that’s not just fun but that also encourages learning. When you enrol in our self-defence martial arts classes, you’ll learn moves such as Taekwondo or Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu that are also practical and highly effective.
Choose from over 90 self-defence martial arts classes that are held every week and pick one that suits your schedule. BTC also offers an Introductory session for all new students where one of our instructors will show you different moves that are taught in our regular classes. Make the decision to empower yourself today.