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Private Taekwondo Training for Kids

Are you looking for private Taekwondo or martial arts lessons for your child?  BTC’s experienced and professional teaching team led by 9th Dan Grandmaster Chris offer one on one tuition to children from four years old and up.  Your child can work on their patterns, self-defence, kicks, fitness, basics, accelerated progress and gradings, or anything else.  We can create an individual program to meet their training goals, skill level, and personality to maximise their time and the benefit.  Programs can be as short as a one off session, to year round weekly classes.


Video Analysis

An added benefit of private training is the option of doing video analysis with our special software and equipment.  Even with very young children, video analysis can be a great learning tool.  What children often perceive themselves as doing, versus what they are actually doing, can be two very different things.  Seeing themselves can really help them ‘get it’ quickly and accelerate their learning.


Flexible Class Schedule

Many parents find the added flexibility of timing that private lessons offer can be a real help in a busy schedule too.  Personal training is available seven days, morning and night, subject to instructor availability.

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