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Self Defence Classes

What trait does a person need for self-defence? Does a person have to move quickly like the main character in the movie ‘The Karate Kid’ or does he/she have to be huge in size and well-built? If you’ve grown up watching action movies, you’ll realise that 9 times out of 10, the main character is usually a person who has rippling huge muscles, who’s tall, who knows how to use a number of weapons and who’s always able to beat up the bad guys.
Reality is a completely different story. If you think you need to be of a certain height and build in order to defend yourself properly, you’re wrong. The only things you need to get yourself out of a nasty situation are the skills and techniques of proper self-defence as well as a calm mind. That’s why joining BTC self-defence classes is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself today.

Why join a self defence class

Anybody can join a self-defence class and benefit from it. BTC’s self-defence classes incorporate well-known techniques that are adapted from various martial arts. In short, these moves are:

  1. Really simple to learn.
  2. Very effective.

Can be used anywhere.
The art of self-defence is not only about employing the right techniques at the right time. It’s also about listening to your instincts, staying alert to your surroundings and more importantly- READING the signs! In most cases, what leads to a theft or a rape usually begins with casual conversation. For example, the assailant in order to size up his victim better may ask for directions to a nearby spot or even ask for the time. These questions appear harmless, but they are enough for a person to get distracted and to let his/her guard down. That’s why in our self-defence classes, you’ll also be taught how to-

  1. Use everyday objects as weapons.
  2. Stay ready for the next move.
  3. Gain an upper hand.
  4. Handle an assailant quickly & efficiently.

Plus, with each self-defence class, you’ll also get fitter and you’ll find that you have renewed confidence to handle any situation!


BTC is the first choice for a training centre that not only teaches various martial arts but which also offers world class facilities to all its members. When you join our self-defence class, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are being trained by instructors who have a vast knowledge of different martial art forms and who are always there to give you any kind of guidance and support.
We also have an Introductory self-defence class for all our new students. Visit our centre for more information about our self-defence classes.