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Do you have an interest in learning a martial art? Is the wrong information about martial arts on the whole, keeping you from enrolling in a martial arts course? Let’s take a look at a few popular misconceptions about martial arts courses that are quite common:-

  1. Martial arts make a person violent.

Ans- This is not true, because all the well-known martial arts help to bring about positive changes in every aspect of life. In fact, they help to develop qualities of calmness, confidence, discipline and the ability to walk away from conflict.

  1. Women can’t perform martial arts moves as well as men.

Ans- Anybody can learn a martial art irrespective of age and gender. With the right training, woman can defend themselves successfully if there is a need to do so.

  1. Martial arts are ineffective in real life.

Ans– On the contrary, there is a huge interest in martial arts courses precisely because they teach valuable self-defence skills which can save your life.
Martial arts courses offer so many benefits that they have to be experienced to actually believe them. BTC is the home of martial arts courses in Brisbane, and offers a number of programs for students across all age-groups.

Get these Benefits

Unlike a workout at the gym or an aerobics class which focus on using one muscle group at a time, martial arts courses focus on moves and techniques that benefit all the major muscles in the body together. In addition, learning a martial art has been known to benefit the mind as well by enhancing concentration and with positive feelings of calmness, peace and confidence. It’s no wonder that students in ancient times often considered martial arts as a way of life itself, and spent years learning the techniques properly.
In short, these are the benefits you get from joining martial arts courses:

  1. Improve muscular strength & tone.
  2. Improve coordination & flexibility.
  3. Get stress relief.
  4. Enhance weight loss.
  5. Improve concentration & increase willpower.
  6. Learn self-defence skills.


If you’re concerned that you don’t have any prior martial arts experience, let us be the first to assure you that we are here to teach you a martial art the right way. You’ll be in a class that’s right for your level of training and experience level, which means that you won’t feel left out at all. Plus you’ll have fun performing moves with your new friends!
Interested in signing up for our martial arts courses? Then simply visit our centre at the earliest and we’ll even arrange an Introductory session for you. Don’t wait any longer to join our classes.

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