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Taekwondo (TKD) for Kids

Class Details

Turning Children and Teens into Confident Adults

When you instil a love for Taekwondo in your child, you are doing a lot more than helping them develop the focus, confidence and discipline they’ll need to face any challenges – whether as kids at school or as adults later in life. By introducing your children to this ancient martial art, you are giving them the tools they’ll need to improve their scholastic and social performance. Taekwondo also strengthens gross motor movement, improves coordination, and muscle memory, enhancing children’s performance in other sports.


The Perfect Environment for their Age and Skill Level

Our highly experienced instructors know exactly how to motivate your child with fun and age-appropriate classes. As they progress to the next class or belt level, new skills will test their abilities and foster their personal growth.

What Taekwondo levels for children and teenagers are offered at BTC?

Taekwondo Foundations (for 3 to 4 year-olds). The main focus of this class is to develop your child’s listening skills and a focus that will help them get ready for school.

Little Samurais (4 to 6 year-olds). By learning basic Taekwondo skills and self-defence through energetic drills and games, kids have fun and discover the importance of discipline and respect.

Black Samurai (7 to 12 year-olds). Kids are physically and mentally challenged in these classes on their path to becoming a Black Belt. Values such as self-discipline, confidence, integrity, commitment are taught, bully-defence is reinforced and physical training is stepped up.

Taekwondo for Teens. Preparing for the adult world brings a sense of independence that we balance with the need to work in a group dynamic. Teamwork, communication and positive attitude is practised, while physical training is paramount in these classes.  Young adults develop confidence to stand up to peer pressure and make better decisions in life in our Taekwondo for teens classes. Their focus for school and discipline for studying at home will be considerably enhanced and so will their self-defence skills – something that could one day come in handy.

Leaders’ Program (10 to 14 year-olds). Taekwondo students can undertake a rewarding program to become role models for BTC’s younger Taekwondo students. For details, see the teenagers’ page.


The perks for you? Many.

Besides, of course, the joy of seeing your child grow into a stronger and more focused person!

For starters, the guarantee that your child is in good hands with our trainers. All BTC’s trainers undertake a special Teaching Children Program to bring out the best in our younger students. They also have a ‘Working with Children’ Blue Card, issued by the Queensland Commission for Children and Young People.

And then, there is our state-of-the-art gym, where you’ll be able to have a little “Me” time and achieve your fitness goals while watching your kids in action on our TV monitors. As parents of one of our students, you gain access to BTC’s gym at no additional cost whatsoever.

Plus, all BTC’s studios and instructors are available for events, such as birthday parties, corporate workshops, anti-bullying training and street smart programs.


Reasons to Join

  • Age and level specific classes from 3 to 18 years of age
  • Teach your child self-defence and bully defence
  • Helps them build confidence, discipline and fitness
  • Classes supervised by Internationally accredited 8th Dan Master Chris Blight
  • “Working with Children” qualified instructors
  • Wide range of classes and times available, including afternoons and weekends
  • Best training facility in Queensland
  • Safety matted and air conditioned full-time training halls
  • Gym access for adult members and both parents of enrolled children
  • Coffee and Wi-Fi throughout


“Since coming to BTC my children have had so much fun.  They have come out of their shell.”

– Letisha


“Luke really enjoys coming, his concentration and focus as well as his ability to pay attention and listen have improved amazingly. I find it is great for his confidence too. ”

– Kerry