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Martial Arts Schools

Martial Arts Schools

Ancient practitioners of martial arts believed that the powerful techniques they taught promoted harmony between the body and mind. In fact, many of the moves that are practised focus on improving the flow of Qi (pronounced Chi) or energy which is present in our body. Martial arts is not simply about self-defence or getting fit, it is also about exercising the mind and understanding oneself better.

Make BTC your 1st Choice

These days, joining a martial arts school in Brisbane and taking classes in Taekwondo or BJJ is often considered ‘cool’. But the important factor that is often overlooked is ‘where’ one learns such techniques from. Do you want to join a martial arts school that makes huge empty promises or would you rather join a school which pays homage to the ancient methods of teaching martial arts?
If you are serious about learning a martial art the correct way by mastering one move at a time, then BTC should be your first choice for a martial arts school. Our team of instructors are well trained in a number of martial arts like Hapkido, Karate & Taekwondo and have years of teaching experience as well. So, when you attend a training class in our martial arts school, you get to learn each move and technique thoroughly. We don’t believe in racing through a set curriculum and our teachers take the extra effort to ensure that each student is able to follow the instructions well. Asking questions and having fun while learning is part of the BTC mantra!
So what else does our martial arts school have to offer?

  1. Choose from Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Pilates & Self-defence classes.
  2. Adults & kids can enrol in our programs.
  3. Training for beginners & students with experience.
  4. Plenty of training equipment for students.
  5. Great facilities for members.
  6. Over 90 training classes held each week.

AND so much more!
Excited about joining our Brisbane martial arts school but worried if your late nights at work make it impossible for you to join our classes? Smile, because we have  day classes and we can help you find one that suits your busy lifestyle. Each of our programs offer you a number of benefits that are too good to say no to. Give us a call today and we’ll even arrange an Introductory session for you!

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