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Little Samurai Taekwondo Program (3-6 years old)


BTC is unique in that it not only has separate classes based on age and experience; it also has an entirely separate syllabus just for 3-4 year olds and 4 – 6 year olds, so each child participates at their own level in a safe, fun, and challenging learning environment.

What is BTC’s Little Samurai Program all about? Fun!!! Of course every parent wants their child to learn focus and confidence, get fit, have self-control and learn self-defence that may one day save their life, but let’s face it, if kids don’t enjoy it, they won’t stick to it, and they won’t learn any of these worthwhile things.

Teaching young children well takes a unique and special gift. This is something that we recognise and is why our children’s Taekwondo instructors are specially selected and trained. It takes a lot more than just a black belt. Our instructors spread their contagious enthusiasm to the class and understand that children need to enjoy their activities to develop a passion for learning.

Our Little Samurai Program:

  • Is specific for 3-4 & 4-6yr olds
  • Has classes separated by experience level
  • Uses a specially designed written syllabus just for this age group
  • Rewards the children’s progress with a new coloured belt each term
  • Will develop gross motor skills, coordination, balance, basic self-defence & Taekwondo skills
  • Teaches confidence, respect, focus, listening skills, and discipline as well as building self-esteem
  • All in a fun friendly and rewarding atmosphere

All BTC children’s instructors undertake special training to help students achieve their goals in a fun, safe way, and of course they all have the “Working with Children” Blue Cards.

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