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Kung Fu


Brief History of Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art that was first practised by Buddhist monks in the 4th century. It was developed to enhance their well-being as well as for the purpose of self-defence. This martial art actually comprises of movements and styles which are found in many other martial arts as well. Each movement in Kung Fu has a deep meaning behind it and uses various parts of the body at the same time. To be a true student of Kung Fu requires complete harmony between the mind and body.
Although Kung Fu is thought to be a very aggressive martial art, utmost importance is given to performing quick and controlled movements. Studying Kung Fu was considered very important especially because it was believed to instil values like respect, morality and humility in a person.

Benefits of martial art classes

BTC, the best known training centre in Brisbane, offers many martial arts classes which pay homage to the underlying principles of Kung Fu. Each martial art has its own techniques and style, and when you sign up for classes at BTC, you get a session that combines all their best elements. You’ll leave each session feeling mentally rejuvenated, fitter and eager for the next class!  Plus, you’ll feel more fulfilled when you experience a range of benefits like:

  1. Increase in stamina.
  2. Better concentration levels.
  3. More energy throughout the day.
  4. A better toned body.
  5. Learn various self-defence skills.
  6. Gain more confidence.

Our fantastic teachers make sure that each class teaches you something new. We believe that learning a martial art becomes even more enjoyable when the training environment is fun.


If you’re looking for the most popular martial arts classes in Brisbane, then your search ends here. BTC has training classes for adults and children as well as Pilates & self-defence classes. We also have enough equipment for every student, so that you don’t have to worry about what to bring to each class. And if you’re a new student who’s eager to find out what our martial arts classes feel like, simply come down to our centre and we’ll give you a Introductory session. So don’t wait any longer to make a decision that could enrich your life for the better, call us NOW!