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Karate Classes

Karate Classes

Karate is a term which refers to a specific style of martial arts (there are many styles of Karate), and is also used widely as a generic term to mean martial arts.

Karate styles historically originated either from Chinese styles (Kung Fu), or Korean styles such, as Taekwondo. For instance, Japanese fishermen from the island of Okinawa traded with people on the nearby Korean peninsula. While the fishermen were there they traded their fish for other goods and knowledge, including the martial art of Taekwondo, which they took back home to their island, and later called it Okinawan Karate.

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Benefits of Karate

  1. Keeps you fit.
  2. Makes you more flexible.
  3. Develops better body coordination.
  4. Gives you a thorough workout.
  5. Develops better concentration abilities.
  6. Helps you become more disciplined.
  7. Teaches you self-defence.
  8. Increases your confidence.

Learning karate will make you feel like a new person because you’ll have high energy levels and a refreshed mind to take on everyday challenges. Isn’t it time you signed up for Karate classes at the largest sports training centre in Queensland?

At Brisbane Taekwondo Centre
How does the sound of training in a centre with experienced teachers, world class facilities and special beginners classes, sound to you? Excited? Good, because there’s more!

Brisbane Taekwondo Centre is dedicated to teaching martial arts to students of all ages, in a fun and interesting way. So, whether you choose one on one classes or prefer to train in a group, you will learn new moves in an environment that encourages learning at one’s pace.

Plus, newcomers also get to enjoy an Introductory class, where you’ll be taught some cool moves on your very first day!

Call us to find out more about our classes where you’ll learn cool Karate moves in Brisbane’s most popular training centre.

BTC offers martial arts classes in Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. So that you can enjoy a fun, easy to learn, and practical style of self defence (you’ll get fit too) the Taekwondo classes combine traditional Taekwondo along with aspects of karate, hapkido, kung fu, boxing, and judo, while the BJJ classes include traditional, sports, and self defence BJJ techniques. To find out more, click on the links at the top of the page, Phone 3177 4550, or complete our online form and we’ll call you to arrange a class at a suitable time.

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