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Street-Style Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)



Are you looking for MMA (mixed martial arts) for the street?  There’s a big difference between a ring with rules and surviving an attack on the street.  The street is not always one on one, there’s no referee, no rules.  BTC is proud to offer a new martial art to Australia called Survival Jujitsu or Street MMA.  It originated as a martial art for Israel’s special forces units and has since been taught to elite military personnel around the world.  Known for its no b.s. approach, Street MMA covers punching, striking, kicking, wrestling, clinchwork, and groundwork.  You’ll also learn how to defend against much larger attackers, extremely aggressive people, multiple attackers, knives, guns, and other street weapons.

Many experienced martial artists, police officers, and body guards, have been drawn to Street MMA or Survival Jujitsu because of its effectiveness, so while it caters well for the very experienced, those who are new to martial arts and self defence will find it equally accessible and rewarding.

BTC is very fortunate to be the only martial arts school in Brisbane, or Queensland for that matter, to offer this martial art.  Being an instructor in this impressive martial art is no small feat.  Attaining black belt takes many, many years of dedicated training, with tests for black belt only being conducted at the world headquarters where the world’s elite special forces still come to train, to ensure that black belts are of the highest standard.  BTC is proud to not only have one of these black belts, but Australia’s most senior Street MMA instructor with over 30 years personal experience in martial arts, military, close personal protection, as well as his academic stripes with a PhD in Security Risk Management.

Come and check out a Street MMA class at BTC today, you won’t be disappointed.  You don’t need to have done martial arts or be fit to give it a try.


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