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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision at BTC is to continually strive for the development of a dynamic, vibrant and holistic club. BTC provides an opportunity for all its members to grow and achieve their personal goals, whether it be through Krav Maga, BJJ, Pilates, Taekwondo, Personal Training, or children’s self-defence classes.

From toning and flexibility, to self-defence, improved health and fitness, skills for competition, or social interaction, you’ll be part of a club where the individual is valued highly.

Our members range in age from 3yrs old to 72 years young, school children, lawyers, Mum’s, accountants, plumbers, managers…

Classes Offered

Trainers and Instructors

The Instructors are always the heart of any club, after all, they’ll be leading you through every class. BTC’s Instructors are highly trained professionals (including three Grandmaster level Instructors), yet relaxed and easy going, to ensure our members have fun while learning, and achieving their own personal goal, whatever that may be. We’re sure that once you or your child try our classes and see how easy and enjoyable they are, you’ll be pleased with the results.

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The Facility

Proud to operate Queensland’s largest martial arts, health, and fitness centre. We believe the combination of the best facility, best equipment, and best instructors all combine to help you achieve your best.

Is this the sport for me?

We have students from 3 years old to 72 years old, males and females. No prior fitness, flexibility, or experience is needed. Do something for yourself today, and book in for a fun first class in our fully air conditioned centre in Brisbane – Ph 3177 4512, or complete our online form and we’ll call you to arrange a class at a suitable time.