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Survival Jujitsu – the Ultimate Israeli Martial Arts

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Survival Jujitsu – The latest in Self-Defence

Considered as one of the world’s leading modern martial arts, Survival Jujitsu is a practical approach to your personal protection and safety which originated as a martial art for Israel’s special forces units.

Often referred to as “bewareness” – or a way to stay alive in self-defence using your life choices as opportunities for growth – Survival Jujitsu or Street MMA  has evolved since the sixties by cleverly combining Judo, Karate, military self defence systems, BJJ and Kapap.

Currently being taught to elite military personnel around the world, with Survival Jujitsu you’ll learn one of the most powerful and effective self-defence systems there is, covering punching, striking, kicking, wrestling, clinchwork, and groundwork. You’ll also learn how to defend against much larger attackers, extremely aggressive people, multiple attackers, knives, guns, and other street weapons.

Australasia’s Most Senior Street Jujitsu Instructor 

BTC’s Survival Jujitsu’s classes are taught by Australasia’s most senior instructor, Dr Gavriel Schneider, who holds a 6th Dan Black Belt and a PhD in Security Risk Management. Once a Presidential bodyguard, Master Gav is also a former Israeli full contact champion, recognised in the Israeli Museum of Martial Arts History. He is the most qualified person in Australasia to teach you how to defend against much larger attackers, extremely aggressive people, multiple attackers, knives, guns, and other street weapons using combative skills like striking, wrestling, clinchwork, groundwork, and weapon manipulation. Find out more about Master Gav here.

Survival Jujitsu for Men, Women and Youths

BTC is the only school in Brisbane offering Survival Jujitsu. Our classes cater equally for the very experienced and for those who are new to martial arts and self-defence. So, if you are seasoned martial artist looking to dip your toes in a different art or whether you are a current Krav Maga practitioner wanting to broaden your level of expertise, BTC is what you need.

We teach young and old, strong and weak, how to protect themselves and survive any situation. BTC has students from the age of 15 to 55, male and female, so don’t worry, you’ll fit right in.

Your Survival Jujitsu level specific classes will be held in any one of our 4 air-conditioned and safety matted halls. Offering four matted and air-conditioned training halls, a fully equipped gym, 20 punching bags, and more than enough focus mitts and kick shields for every student. You’ll be training in a friendly atmosphere in a first-class training facility with students who are ready to train as hard as they are to enjoy a good laugh.

You’ll also have access to our very well-equipped gym upon signing up for your class. Why not come and check our facilities yourself? You won’t be disappointed.

Reasons to Join

  • Learn from Australia’s most Senior Krav Maga and Survival Jujitsu Instructor and trainer to special forces
  • Advanced Krav Maga and Street MMA classes
  • Street realistic self-defence that works
  • Suitable for both men, women and teen looking to challenge themselves
  • Get fit, strong and confident – fast
  • Learn to defend against weapons and multiple attackers
  • Best training facility in Queensland- 4 safety matted studios, 20 hanging bags, 40 kick shields, 80 focus mitts, 13 42” LED TVs…
  • Enjoy classes that match your fitness level and goals in a safe and comfortable environment
  • Safety matted and air conditioned full-time training halls
  • Enjoy access to the BTC gym upon signing up
  • Wi-Fi throughout

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