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What happens at the grading?

  • A grading is a formal examination – our examiner is Grandmaster Blight, 7th Dan and Taekwondo Queensland President.
  • The grading will be conducted according to the syllabus for each level, although exactly what’s tested on the day is at the examiner’s discretion.
  • An Instructor will call out, explain, and demonstrate what you have to do at the grading in much the same way they would at class – if anything there is more explanation than at a normal class.
  • Groups of 8-10 students are generally graded at once, ie you won’t have to grade by themselves.
  • Prior to your group going on they will be taken through their syllabus by the Instructors to help ease nerves and build your confidence.  Instructors will be available all day to help with anything you may be unsure of.
  • Full traditional Taekwondo BTC V-neck uniform must be worn at the grading (no T-shirts). You must wear your club badge.
  • Grading results, certificates, and test forms will be handed out at your next class (ie either Monday, or Tuesday).