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Wellness and why it matters

‘Wellness’ is a term that we hear quite often which has more than one meaning. For some people, wellness refers to being physically fit, for some others it may mean inner peace whereas for others wellness is a term that is linked to rejuvenating massages at the spa. The essence of the term wellness does not focus on just one aspect but pays equal importance to the physical, mental and spiritual state of a person. It is when all these parts are in harmony that a person truly experiences peace and happiness.

Unfortunately in this day and age where we reach out for easy off the shelf tailor made solutions, many of us don’t pay enough attention to wellness. When we fall ill or feel low, we find it easier to pop a pill instead of spending some time reflecting on what’s really bothering us. How can you achieve a balance between physical, mental and emotional wellness?

a) Physical Wellness: Dedicating some time every day for a physical activity works wonders and can help you stay fit and healthy. Trying something new like kickboxing, martial arts classes or even Pilates classes gives you a chance to make new friends besides doing wonders for your physical health. Don’t forget to watch your diet and eat healthy every day, keeping junk and fried food to a bare minimum. The more nutrients you feed your body, the more it will love you back!

b) Emotional Wellness: In this competitive world, we tend to put everybody else ahead of us except for ourselves. Begin each day by telling yourself how great you are and that you will have a great day no matter what. Ensure that you have a set of close friends who will support you when you need them the most. Accept that stress and pressure at home or your workplace will always be there but that you will also ensure that it does not affect other areas of your life. Learn to let go of situations that you cannot control.

c) Spiritual Wellness: It’s been proven that people who keep time aside to pray every day are not just more content but handle life’s challenges much more effectively too. Even if praying to an unseen force is not something that you are comfortable with, just spending a few minutes meditating everyday can work wonders. And if you’re willing to do what it takes to push your wellness quotient one notch higher, enrol for yoga classes. You’ll feel rejuvenated inside out within weeks.

Wellness isn’t just a fancy term associated with health gurus or organic food. It needs to be developed and enhanced for life to be truly meaningful.