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Taekwondo Philosophy

Taekwondo can be viewed as an answer to the demands of everyday life while at the same time providing us with a guide for our behaviour towards ourselves and others.  The art is a system of movements and positions that in a systematic and controlled way involves the whole body.  It is for these reasons that this sport has become an important means for integrating mind, body, and spirit through a total fitness program.

 People participate in sports activities for many different reasons.  These range from wanting to join a particular group and its activities to the desire through fitness and movement to prolong one’s life.  The motive includes achieving physical fitness as well as the need for psychological balance.


A person in good health generally has a great amount of energy.  Someone in poor health, on the other hand, may have little drive for work.  Much more than a matter of intellect, our inclination is very much connected to how we feel, which also affects how we behave.


When doing Taekwondo all organs are activated, muscles are developed and the brain is stimulated, which in turn, in the widest sense of the word, strengthens a person’s willpower.  Simply surviving hasn’t made anybody happy – we all are looking for meaning in our lives that will give us energy and drive.  Taekwondo cultivates willpower and self-confidence through a combination of physical and mental conditioning.


We distinguish between light workouts and high performance workouts.  The latter supports a strong will to fight and the former is simply a means to positively influence the circulatory system.


Our body is subject to physical laws, and in a sense can be viewed as a machine that grows, develops, and moves.  The ‘machine’ is doing its work by changing into different positions as different situations arise.  From a mental point of view the ‘machine’ is thinking – it has an idea and looks for solutions through a process akin to mental training.


Taekwondo builds character, a strong will, and vigour that will result in the ability to meet all of life’s situations with well balanced and directed energy.  Disciplined energy and a strong will to live (fighting spirit) instil confidence under any circumstance, allowing a person to approach things calmly and with confidence, with inner peace.  If in the process the ego can be overcome – in the sense that one is prepared to sacrifice one’s own inclination and behaviour, while at the same time, being able to be humble – the following will have been accomplished. 

  • The basis for an ethical and exemplary way of life
  • Fulfilment of one of the key characteristics necessary for becoming a community leader.