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Self-defence techniques for women

Self-defence techniques for women

There’s no such thing as a 100% crime free town or city, and that’s why learning how to defend yourself in a surprise attack is important. You may not realise it, but the manner in which you react in the first few minutes determines what takes place in the next few. The statistics are alarming- around 73% of women who are raped know the accused and it is estimated that at least one in six women will be victims of sexual assault in their lifetime. So, staying prepared for such nasty surprises and knowing what to do can play a big role in saving your life.

How to Increase your Safety in Public

–       Always stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. Avoid talking on the phone or listening to your I-Pod if you are alone.

–       If you are alone, ensure that you have not consumed alcohol or taken any other intoxicants as it can reduce your response rate in the event of an attack.

–       Avoid talking to strangers or people who seem’ over friendly’. It never hurts to dress modestly yet comfortably if you are by yourself. For example, you may be able to defend yourself better in jeans than in a mini-skirt.

–       Keep small objects like a pepper spray, a pen, keys etc in your handbag which can be used against an attacker.

–       Always listen to your instincts.

How to Defend Yourself if Attacked

–       If you feel you are being followed, it’s wise to let a potential attacker know that you are aware of his presence. Giving him a warning not to come nearer in a loud voice may scare him off because a victim who is prepared to defend herself is more difficult to handle from an assailant’s point of view.

–       If a verbal warning doesn’t slow down the assailant, then you need to get ready to defend yourself. Pin up your hair if it is long and tuck it into the back of your t-shirt or top. Stand with your legs slightly apart with your hands in front of your chest so that you are mentally prepared for self-defence and also to send out a warning to the assailant.

–       Keep an object such as a key, pen or even an umbrella in your hand which can be used as a weapon if needed. The best spots to attack are the eyes, nose, ears, throat, groin area and stomach. Avoid punching as that could break your fingers. Moving your feet while landing a blow to the nose or throat with your palms is an effective tactic. Such sudden moves will take the assailant by surprise.

–       Use the opportunity to run away and shout to get help. Statistics show that people are more likely to respond when they hear someone yelling ‘Fire’ as opposed to ‘Help’ or ‘Rapist’.

Unless you are trained in a martial art or other self-defence techniques, never attempt to take down an assailant just by yourself. Your safety is top priority so a hit and run strategy is the best option in self-defence.