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Red I – Terminology & Theory Questions & Answers

Red I – Terminology & Theory Questions & Answers




Q:  What are the below and what do they do: 


  • WTF
  • TA
  • Kukkiwon


A:  The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) is the international governing body for Taekwondo.  Its Headquarters are in Korea, and in each country it has a representative national organisation.  Together the WTF and the individual countries governing body are responsible for the conduct of the competition aspects of Taekwondo.  Major events include the Olympics and World Championships.


A:  Taekwondo Australia (TA), is the national sporting organisation for Taekwondo in Australia and is responsible for the conduct of National level competitions and selection events for international competitions in Australia.  It also generally oversees Taekwondo in Australia.


A:  The Kukkiwon is the international body based in Korea which recognises black belt level gradings.  Kukkiwon certification is recognised in over 200 countries.  To grade to the highest levels of Taekwondo such as 8th or 9th testing is conducted directly by Kukkiwon in Korea.





Press the play button to hear the pronunciation of each word (make sure your speakers are turned on!).

The Korean terms below are spelt phonetically, ie say it as it sounds.

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