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How can Pilates help you

Pilates was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates and was originally part of a rehabilitation program meant for prisoners of war. Unlike other workout regimes which focus on burning calories and on general weight loss, Pilates focuses on developing a person’s core strength, increasing one’s flexibility, paying attention to one’s breathing patterns and performing each move with precision. Pilates has been found to be especially beneficial for those with injuries, pregnant women and seniors as the different moves help to keep the body fit and flexible without causing any unwanted strain or injuries. So what are the benefits that learning Pilates can offer you-

–       For starters, Pilates can help rectify poor posture and strengthen muscles. This also helps to improve bone density.

–       It helps to improve blood circulation, make joints stronger and in turn makes the body much more flexible.

–       It has been found that people who regularly performed Pilates exercises also had a much better immune system which contributed to an improvement in overall health,

–       Pilates is the answer for people who are prone to injuries. In fact, it is not uncommon for athletes and sportspeople to turn to Pilates for faster recovery from sports related injuries and sprains.

–       The various breathing exercises involved help to release tension and calm the mind.

–       Pilates also help to keep the skin looking young and supple. This can be attributed to the different exercises which help in stretching the body and which also enhance the production of collagen.

–       The gentle yet effective exercises have been proven to help alleviate both back and joint pain.

–       Helps to strengthen the abdomen by focusing on the core muscles.

–       Is a great way to complement other workout regimes and to increase overall fitness as well.

Pilates also helps to boost mental alertness and has been known to increase energy levels too. BTC offers both group and private Pilates classes which are guaranteed to uplift both your mind and fitness levels. As each session focuses on your entire body, all your muscles get a good workout leaving you feeling rejuvenated and more flexible. Give us a call to find out which Pilates class is right for you!