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Get fit at the workplace- Here’s How!

Does your hectic schedule leave you with no time to exercise during the week, or not as much as you’d like to? Here’s the good news then. It doesn’t really matter if you can’t work out with your friends on weekdays because there are plenty of exercises that you can do sitting at your desk in the office. That’s right; you can actually give your body a good stretching and toning routine during office breaks and simultaneously refresh your mind too.

a)    Hand Squeezes: Fingers aching from typing away at the keyboard? Just clenching and unclenching each hand 5 times can help soothe away any stiffness in your fingers.  If you want to give your arms a workout as well, simply take a filled water bottle and curl it just the way you would with a hand weight. Remember to sit straight on a chair with your feet placed firmly together on the floor.

b)    Leg Extensions– Get toned legs by doing this simple workout. Sit straight in a chair and slowly extend one leg till is at the same level as your hips. Stay in this position for 3-5 seconds and then lower your leg. After doing this for 5 times, repeat the exercise with the other leg.

c)    Thigh toning workout- Sit in your chair with hands on either side. Remember to get a firm grip on the chair and then raise one leg keeping the foot flexed. Slowly move your leg outward, go back to the original position and then put your foot down gently. Repeat with the other leg.

d)    Shoulder Blade Squeeze: If your shoulders feel stiff after a long day in front of the computer, simply sit straight and then squeeze your shoulder blades together. Hold your breath by counting till 5 and then release your breath. This exercise will refresh you within minutes and can help make your upper body much more flexible as well.

e)    Squats- You don’t need a chair for this workout. Simply stand with your feet slightly apart, keep your abdomen tight and lean forward slightly. Make sure that your weight is on your heels and not on your toes. Keeping your knees above the ankles, repeat this exercise at least ten to fifteen times.

Walking or cycling to your office instead of travelling by bus or a cab is a great way to kick-start your day. If you prefer, you could wear your sneakers to work and then change your shoes once you reach the office. Avoid taking the lift and stick to climbing the stairs- Although you may find yourself gasping for breath at the beginning, you’ll be surprised at how fit you will get within just a few weeks. If you can, swap the machine coffee which is unsurprisingly loaded with calories and sugar for a sugar free fruit juice or a green tea. It’s not only good for your waistline but will boost up your mood as well.