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Do diet pills really work?

With our hectic lifestyles, finding time to workout regularly has become quite a challenge. While a few of us do manage to work long hours at the office and still stay fit, for most of us staying lean is something we need to work hard at. Enter the diet pill revolution. Many diet pill manufacturers claim that weight gain is no longer something you need to struggle with. Instead, you can now counter weight gain and lose existing fat by popping one- two pills before or after a meal. You not only have pills that claim to burn fat but also others which claim to help you reduce your food portions at each meal. It’s hard not to get swayed by such claims especially when you see diet pill advertisements everywhere- and if you can really get a slim figure like that featured model without sweating, then why not?

Such diet pills usually fall into three categories-

– The first type of diet pill is the easily available ‘over the counter’ drugs, which are found in your local pharmacies or even supermarkets. They are easy to purchase and contain different ingredients which are supposed to help in weight reduction. Although all over the counter drugs claim to be very effective in helping you become slimmer, it’s important to do your homework first before making a purchase.

– Herbal weight loss and diet supplements are also easy to get without a prescription. Most of these herbal supplements claim to help you lose weight the natural way and since anything to do with herbs is generally regarded as healthier and safer, it’s not surprising that many herbal weight loss brands do really well. Natural herbs, roots, herbal extracts and other ingredients like green tea extracts are commonly used in such pills.

– Weight loss medication such as Xenical can be purchased only with a doctor’s prescription because this pill is usually prescribed for people who have a high BMI or an obesity problem. It works by discouraging the body to absorb the fat present in any food and is passed out through the stool. Patients need to be careful about their diet and should consume food with a low fat content in order to lose weight faster. The use of this pill is usually monitored closely by the doctor who has prescribed it.

If you read the accompanying pamphlet that comes with any diet pill, you’ll find that most such pills are quick to claim that the promised results vary from one to person to another and also that they could cause side-effects. The question is do you really want to put your body through such an ordeal when all you need to do is to attend class regularly and to watch your diet, in order to lose weight? Sure, the results may take time depending on your current fitness levels and weight, but as you begin to shed off the excess kilos, you’ll feel more content and confident as well.