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Benefits of Pilates for Seniors

If you aren’t in your prime anymore but still wish to stay fit and lean, now you can. As our bodies age, we may find that we are unable to follow the same workout regime that we loved a few years back without it resulting in nagging pains and aches. Add to that a sedentary life which usually results in a hunched posture, lower back pain, leg pain when walking and other weight issues. Senior people usually complain about getting tired easily, the lack of sound sleep and being low on energy the whole day. That’s why Pilates is fast becoming a hot favourite with people of all age-groups especially seniors. These series of exercises are done slowly with emphasis placed on one’s breathing and can be modified to suit a person’s requirements. With its focus on strengthening muscles and making the body stronger from within, students will find an increase in stamina, muscle tone, flexibility and an enhanced sense of well-being within just a few classes. Sounds great right?

Worried that you have never worked out all and you may not get the same benefits as others? Relax! Pilates moves are so gentle and yet so effective that you can start whenever you’re ready to feel fitter and get moving. Just two sessions of Pilates for 60 minutes each week is a good way to get started. In fact, these exercises are also recommended for pregnant women and have been found to be helpful in speeding up recovery from injuries for athletes too. Seniors will find that within a few classes, body posture improves and the core muscles are also stronger. These exercises do not put any stress on the joints but greatly increase body flexibility too. In fact, if you suffer from troublesome neck, back or shoulder pains, you will find a big improvement in no time. You’ll also feel more mentally alert, less stressed and sleep better too.

Although you could practise Pilates in the privacy of your home by watching an instructional DVD, attending Pilates classes regularly gives you the advantage of having a personal instructor to help you perform the moves safely, correctly, and to their maximum benefit. Plus, you also to get to work out in a group and make plenty of new friends. BTC has a number of Pilates classes to suit your requirements and you can even choose to be part of a group or attend one on one classes. We guarantee that you’ll love the training and you’ll love the new benefits even more!